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    Default How to order the lauch configurations

    Hi to all,

    I just wanted to know if there is the possibility to bind the order of the configurations (created with the External Tools Configuration) to the project.
    Actually I found that the order is saved into [workspace_directory]/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.debug.u i/launchConfigurationHistory.xml. Is there a way to set this order elsewhere and/or into the project?

    My point is that you can set the order the lauch configurations appears in the External Tools menu. This order is saved into the [workspace_directory]/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.debug.u i/launchConfigurationHistory.xml. Now, if you manually change this file while eclipse is still open, after a while eclipse overwrites it and sets the old order back. This also happens if you change the file and then close eclipse: the next time the old order is restored...
    Therefor my questions:
    Does eclipse saves the order into another location while it is open?
    By manually change the xml file, is there a way to avoid the overwriting of it while eclipse is still open or by closing it?

    Thanx again for any help.


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    Doesn't that order also depend on which ones you launched last?

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