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How can I format my output I have a long text formula which consist of alot of "()","{ }" "[ ]" and some other special char. I want to see in a readable format. This output formula is approximately you can say 1 or 2 pages but there is no any space or a break line e.g. [sdsadadfdfsdffwesdfsdfsdf{sdsdddsd^afasdfadfsdfasd fasdfasdf(asdfaf(asfasdfbvdcbyrey)eyydfhghghshgfgh fg)fghfghfg}hfg]hfg$sdfsdfsdfsdg[fsdgdfhd{[dsfassd{sdfsgsggdfbergdfvgg}dfgdfgdfgdfg]gdfgdfgdfgdfgdg(hfghfghsdfhgasdfasdffdghdfhbdfgd^s dfgasdfgdfgdfgdfbsd|dfsdggdfgdfhdgh)dfhdfh}dfhdfhv nbvbnmghmjyky] and so on.....upto more than 1 page. so how can I control my string. which is readable for me.
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