Hey guys,

I'm currently developing on an plugin for an eclipse-based program. But now i stuck on the programming of the preferencepage.

My problem is, that i have a ComboBoxFieldEditor and want to add a custom PropertyChangeListener.

Java Code:
String [][] groups = this.getGroups();
final ComboFieldEditor cfeGroups = new ComboFieldEditor(PreferenceConstants.P_COMBO, rb.getString("pref_get_group"), groups,getFieldEditorParent());
I've tried to solve this via setPropertyChangeListener:

Java Code:
IPropertyChangeListener listener = new IPropertyChangeListener() {
	public void propertyChange(PropertyChangeEvent e) {

But this only works if I dont add my ComboBoxFieldEditor to the PreferenceStore. ( means without addField(cfeGroups); )

What can I do to add a custom PropertyChangeListener to an FieldEditor in the PreferenceStore?

Thanks in advance.