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    Default How can I save so the all my closed methods remain closed when exiting?

    Im using eclipse at the moment, and I got a main code part
    which is about 1000 lines.
    Now in eclipse I can click - at the side of a method declaration to make
    the whole method dicappear, all besides the method declreation.
    then I can click + at the side to see the whole method if I wish.

    Only problem is that once I shut down and opens eclipse again, those methods are open!
    How can I keep the methods closed?

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    Yes, that is annoying.
    Another related annoyance, if I have a large XML file open, and have scrolled down into the middle of the file to a specific point, restarting Eclipse the file is always back at the top of the file. I have really waste a lot of time finding my place again.

    One thing I have found is to just never exit Eclipse. To do so would mean I need to go make a pot of coffee while I wait for it to rebuild all the projects in the workspace.

    To work this in practically, I changed from Slackware Linux to Ubuntu Linux just so the suspend to RAM feature of my notebook now actually works. I guess if you use windows on notebooks this probably just works anyway.

    Or for desktop environments, going as far to run Eclipse inside a virtual machine, such as VirtualBox, so when I need to power off the desktop, I choose to suspend the virtual machine to save its state.

    Outside of eclipse, this kind of keep your system on or suspend/resume all the time seems to work well for most other services, such as test database and web server instances.

    But if its really a priority, i'm sure there is a facility on eclipse developer forum to submit this as a bug, enhancement, or feature request.

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