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    Default eclipse plug-in problems


    I am trying to install the following plug-ins to my eclipse (Version 3.5.1).

    Graphical Editors and Frameworks

    Models and Model Development

    Web and Java EE Development

    My friend is using eclipse (Version 3.0.4). He used the following url for plug-in installation

    I tried to install the same plug-ins on my system with the above url. I am getting version conflicts. Could u please let me know.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Im not sure how the plugin link even works for your friend. Ganymede was Eclipse version 3.4, if he was using Eclipse 3.0, maybe the plugin supports installation into older versions of eclipse.

    But in general, I have found some plugins do not install into forward or 'future' versions of Eclipse. I believe this to be related to how they keep evolving the plugin API and the set of required metadata properties, or even Java API that is required for plugins to work with the Eclipse core, with every minor release of Eclipse.

    So in your case it's likely you will need to find a plugin that is built for the eclipse 3.5 (Galelio), or downshift your eclipse installation to the 3.4 Ganymede series.

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    As said, you should use the plugin site for the version of Eclipse you're on.
    In your case:
    Galileo Software Repository

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