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    Default jvm terminated code1

    i'm in a greate problem with my myeclipse on opening it will show the jpeg(erro.jpg) i attached or afer several time while refreshing the project.
    The main problem i think that project is mainly forwarding by my tl after inserting the necesessary changes in code as well as the jsps ,he is using jdk 1.5_11 and in my system i installed java 1.6_11 so i uninsatlled jdk 1.6 and reinstalled 1.5_11 but another problem along with the myeclipse problem is that
    C:\Documents and Settings\dev3\Desktop>java Test
    Error: could not open `C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\lib\i386\jvm.cfg'

    Test is a simple "hello world pgm" i can compile it but on running this is showing actually i deleted the forder jre6 by safe mode in win xp

    How can i correct all the problems please help me
    Thanks in advance
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    OP, please only post a question in one forum.

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    Java allows several JRE/JDK to be installed at the same time, and Eclipse allows you to select the one to use with your project in Preferences. Quite likely, the version of MyEclipse you are using requires 1.6 to run the IDE. By deleting the JRE, you trashed your configs.

    Try reinstalling MyEclipse, especially if you used the all-in-one installer. Assuming you created your workspace outside the MyEclipse installation directory, your workspace will be unaffected.

    Once you have MyEclipse running again, look in Preferences and specify the 1.5 JDK you want to use for your project. Also, set the project compliance to 1.5

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