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    Default I know there's an error, let me finish typing!

    I usually work with C++, and I've recently been trying out some stuff with Java. I started out with eclipse, since that's what my school used.

    Normally in C++ I have trouble finding a program with decent code completion and related stuff. However, Eclipse is giving me _way_ too much.

    I managed to turn off most of the unnecessary syntax highlighting, but I can't figure out how to slow down the error highlighting. Is there a way to "slow it down"? Like, at least making it wait until there's been a reasonably long pause in my typing before telling me if there's a problem?

    It's a useful feature to have, I don't want to turn it of entirely, but it's distracting when it jumps in highlighting big blocks of my code red every other second.


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    I just ignore it (it's only there to show you, you cannot run the program at this time), until I want to use it to complete some mutators, acessors, imports or the like. it should only be a a little warning light over near the side unless it's auto completing things for you like in the case of "printf" it will automatically stick in the
    printf( "cmds", args );

    couple of hits of the delete gets rid of this fast, or you can tab through it which is a nice feature.

    There should be a time settings somewhere. If you can not find it, you might be best searching the eclipse forums for an answer as it has most likely been asked before.
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