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    Default Remote deploy and remote work with JBoss AS

    I would like ask whether somebody has got experience with remote work with JBoss AS from Eclipse?

    Is some possibility to have JBoss installed on remote server and work with it from Eclipse that runs on some user computer. Generally I would like to run more instances of JBoss AS on remote server and create some comfortable way for testers/programmers that would launch their Eclipse locally and connect to remote JBoss, deploy enterprise archives on the server, debug the code on remote desktop...

    I have read article about remote debugging and it works but remote deploy is unsolvable for me as well as whether some possible for remote start of JBoss from Eclipse exists.

    Thank you

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    When adding a new JBoss server on eclipse, you can specify the address (IP), Port, JNDI port, and server configuration.

    If the setup is a dev for different projects, then create separate server configurations (defaults) on the server for the different programmers and make then use those so each one uses their own default folders in the JBoss server directory.

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    Default Remote debugging JBoss


    The JBoss configuration to achieve remote debugging is given below:

    Set the JAVA_OPTS variable as follows:

    set JAVA_OPTS= -Xdebug -Xnoagent
    server=y, suspend=n %JAVA_OPTS%

    Explanation can be found here.


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