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    Default [Solved] Font syntax background highlights

    Whenever I find a keyword, Eclipse automatically highlights all the keywords that is the same.
    My problem is that it's extremely difficult to see the other keywords and quite annoying. I want to change that pink background color in the following picture.

    http colon //
    Since I can't post an url link, please change "colon" to ":"

    I don't really know what they call it since I'm fairly new to Eclipse.
    I did spend more than an hour trying to search for any possible way to change it.
    I just found suggestions from a post couple below me to change
    Window -> Preferences -> General -> Search -> Foreground clor for potential matches ? but I can't seem to hit apply to ignore it.

    Solution 1: You can turn off the syntax highlighting by clicking on an icon that looks like a brush. It's called Toggle Mark Occurrence.

    Solution 2: You can change the color of the toggle mark occurrence by going to General -> Editor -> Text Editor -> Annotations and changing the color for the field "write occurrences" to whatever you feel like it.

    Thank you.
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