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    Default Configuring PMD in eclipse

    Hi, I tried configuring PMD in the eclipse by following the below steps
    Start Eclipse and open a project
    Select "Help"->"Software Updates"->"Find and Install"
    Click "Next", then click "New remote site"
    Enter "PMD" into the Name field and into the URL field
    Click through the rest of the dialog boxes to install the plugin

    but after the restart when i tried right to right click on the file and say check code with PMD nothing is happening. When I go to window->preferences->PMD it is showing a error dialog box saying that some error has occured.

    Can anybody guide me in configuring it again correctly..

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    Please update the error that is appearing.Also try downloading the PMD plugin for eclipse ( like the source forge site "// " )and paste it inside Plugins folder of eclipse and re-open the eclipse. This usually works.

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