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    Question Debugging app using J2EE Preview Server?

    I would like to debug a simple web app using the J2EE Preview Web Server.

    I have run into problems (see previous post).

    Is there a normal sequence of doing this?

    I expected to do the following:

    1. Modify my app
    2. Selecting the project, use "Run As->Run on Server"
    3. ...have the project automatically deployed to the server when I select the preview server.
    4. have the welcome page appear in a browser tab (preferably the same tab it appeared in the last time through this cycle
    5. Do my test
    6. Go back to the first step

    Instead, there are two problems:
    1. It doesn't redeploy my java classes (even though it does redeploy the welcome page). These are classes called by the welcome page (index.jsp).
    2. It opens the welcome page in a new tab.

    If I stop and delete the server (server's view), and then do my sequence above, it works (although it still opens in a new tab).

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance
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