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    Default Java assert messages lost

    Hi folks,

    My assert messages have mysteriously vanished from the console. The acceptance test still stops executing when an assert fails, but I see no message. I am using Eclipse 3.4.2.
    1. I have set (in Eclipse > Preferences... > Java > Compiler)(*):
      • Compiler compliance level to 1.5
      • Use default compliance settings is checked
    2. I have set (in Run > Run Configurations... > Java Application > [my application] > Arguments > VM arguments):
    3. I have code in a class static block to confirm that assert is enabled:
      Java Code:
          static {
              boolean assertsEnabled = false;
              assert assertsEnabled = true; // Intentional side effect!!!
              if (!assertsEnabled)
                  throw new RuntimeException("Asserts must be enabled for User Tests!!!");
      ... and yes, the RuntimeException is thrown if I take the -enableassertions flag out of the VM arguments.
    4. As I mentioned above, the execution is interrupted when an assertion fails - I simply don't see the message on the console.
    5. This was working. I put aside the project for a week, then came back to it, only to find this broken.

    I don't know if I accidentally changed some setting, or if I've blanked on where I should be looking for the messages or what happened. Any suggestions appreciated.

    Thank you,

    (*) Yes, I'm using eclipse on Mac OS X. This should be the same Preferences panel as other users find under Window > Preferences...
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