I'm using Eclipse 3.4.2 with CVS as revision control system.

In order to share common settings among developers in the team, project settings files are checked in CVS.
This way, every developer is synchronized with settings used by all his pairs.

However, some Eclipse settings are not "project-specific", instead they're "workspace-specific", which makes them harder to share through CVS.

Currently, we have created a project under CVS which contains all the XML files that have to be manually copied by each developer to the ".metadata" folder of the workspace folder.

As you may wish, it's a pain :eek: when a new version of the settings file is produced, everyone needs to "re-sync" his workspace config files.

To avoid that additionnal task, I was wondering if some of you knows a plugin or an easy way to share "workspace-specific" settings within a team.

By "workspace-specific" settings, I mean, for example "Java / Code Style / Formatter".

The XML files which contain all these settings are in a higher directory than those commited to CVS.
The highest directory level checked in CVS is the "project-level" directory.

Any solutions, ideas would be very helpful.

Thanks, :)