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    Default Problems with package name


    I'm having problem with my package name.
    As a remainder of a recent project I have a directory which simplyfied looks like this:

    and the package name set in each class under this directory is

    And if I, beneath Source tab (Java Build Path properties form) put myApp/src/java in source folders list, eclipse complains about package name not being as expected ( vs. And if I put myApp/src/java/com in the source folders list, eclipse gives me the following:
    Cannot nest 'myApp/src/java' inside library 'myApp/src'.

    I can see one solution, which is to remove the java directory and place the packages directly underneath the src folder, but I wonder if there is another way of doing this.
    And by the way, the reason the second complaint is there is because the myApp/src is found in the Libraries tab (beneath Web App Libraries) and can't be removed by some reason.


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    Default Re: Problems with package name


    I was having the same problem because I wanted to have "src/main/java" and "src/main/resources" rather than just "src". This is how I solved it:
    • Removed "Web App Libraries" from "Libraries" tab
    • Exited Eclipse
    • Went to project directory and found the file ".settings/org.eclipse.wst.common.component". This file contained <wb-resource> elements for all three source folders (src, src/main/java, and src/main/resources).
    • Deleted <wb-resource> line with source-path="/src".
    • Started Eclipse
    • Added "Web App Libraries" back.

    Probably it's not the right way for fixing the problem but it worked for me.

    Hope this helps,

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