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    Default Work on Struts with Eclipse, how?


    Once again Greeting!!

    I like to work in Struts with Eclipse.
    Whr can i find the details or
    please suggest me how to install Struts in Eclipse

    I have installed Eclipse Version: 3.2.2, Tomcat 5.0

    and have downloaded zip file of Struts1.3.5 and 2.0.6. So i just want to know how shld i install Struts in Eclipse and begin to work on Struts


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    1)Download struts
    Struts Console
    2) unzip file and copy
    in plugins folder of eclipse
    3)start eclipse

    the easiest way is copy a blank struts project in your project (if you want I give it)

    4) create a project
    5) then add the libraries of struts (right button->configure build path-> add jars. you will find them in Project > WebRoot > WEB-INF > lib )
    6)create a page

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    Post blank struts project


    I read your conversation , it was really very useful for me could u do one favor just send me a blank struts project .

    Thanks !!

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