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    Default Intercept CVS/SVN team commit

    Hi All,

    I was looking to intercept the commit action in the eclipse team menu and then call some XYZ web service which checks the code being committed for certain violations. Is this possible ??

    By this I mean, if I have CVS plugin installed then the CVS commit should be intercepted, the web service should be called for the code being committed, and then the depending on the results of the web service, the commit should either go through or be aborted. Similarly for SVN or any other SCM plugin out there.

    Is it possible to write an eclipse plugin to do such a task ?

    Comments/suggestions are all welcome.
    thanks a ton

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    Doesn't SVN already check this? I'm assuming your web service is to determine is person A and person B both have the code out and being worked on and if person A commits after person B that it compares them for incompatibilities?
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    The easiest way would be to write an external tool or script and configure eclipse to use it (as EXTSSH or EXT) rather than eclipse's built-in client.
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