so i have this project with a kinda convoluted folder structure. there's like 50 .java files and a bunch of image files stored in the data/images folder, and some other configuration files in other folders. the main file is stored in the src/main folder. a link to a picture of all this is below.

it compiles fine in eclipse ganymede, and i can go to file -> export -> jar file and it successfully creates one, but i can't run it. it just gives the standard windows error sound and nothing else happens.

i'm thinking it may need some of the resources like the image files, so i tried placing it in different folders, but that doesnt seem to work.

also, i'm able to run the project without eclipse, using a .bat file using the command "java main/OverRun", but the .bat file has to be specifically placed in the src folder or it won't work, so i'm thinking that may have something to do with it.
(also, when importing to eclipse via "new java project" i have to specifically select the src folder to import from or it won't work.)

so, any ideas on how to get this jar file to work?