Hello everyone.

I have a bit of a problem with eclipse.
I'll try to explain this in a plain example, so please don't focus on the content of the problem but rather the type.

Let's say we have a file called "configs.jsp" and it's located in the "conifgs" folder. It has a function, let's say "displayMessages()". I want to use this function in all jsp files, so I include "configs.jsp" in index.jsp, which is located in the root directory of the project.
Then I have a file called "customers.jsp" which is also included in index.jsp.
So now we have 2 files that are included in index.jsp.

Both files are included like this
<%@ include file="jspfile.jsp" %>

now the problem is that in customers.jsp eclipse does not recognize function "displayMessages()" from configs.jsp and it's marked as unknown function.
Is there a workaround on this?

If I'd include file like this
<jsp:include page="jspfile.jsp"/>
it would all work well, but you can't use redirect and I have some difficulties with compiling.

Also, I have a singleton function which I don't want to include in every "custmers.jsp" file or the like.

To sum it up: I want to include in index.jsp configs.jsp and lots of other files in the "body" of the index.jsp and the files in the body should recognize functions located in configs.jsp file.