Hi all,

I am working on the Visual Editor customization. what I want to achieve is to express the .java files of the classes designed by VE editor as .xml file. this last will contain only the basics informations about the UI namelly the name of the controls that form it, their dimensions and position on the container. it seems to be very easy but it's far from being an easy job.

The best way, in my opinion, is to communicate with VE at runtime by getting the properties of the different UI constituents, thus the controls properties as the Properties view does (Properties View is eclipse platform part and not VE one). Once again, the job is still fuzzy for me!

I create my own plugin, a simple one. I add to it a view through witch I try to communicate with VE and Eclipse platform elements.

I haven't yet found the key to do that.

I hope that the explanations given above are clear. If need any more clarification, please contact me.

I would be grateful is you kindly give me some help and suggstion.

Thanks in advance.