Hi all,

I am developping a plugin that contains a view with Eclipse 3.2 winthin I have installed Visual Editor and its required plugin namely GEF and EMF. I have added listeners to my view, among them IPartListener. In this last I cach objects from Visual Editor specially JavaVisualEditor contained in org.eclipse.ve.internal.java.codegen.editorpart.Ja vaVisualEditor by getAdapter(argument) while argument is the name of the class that I want to cach the object.

getAdapter return an object that is casted to an object of the same type as the getAdapter argument.

I also add a line code that displays this object.

At runtime, this result is shown in Console View:


for exemple if I apply this for the org.eclipse.gef.EditDomain class

code :
Java Code:
Object o= part.getAdapter(org.eclipse.gef.EditDomain.class);
			domain = (org.eclipse.gef.EditDomain)o;
			System.out.println("L'objet retourné par l'adaptateur est :"+domain.toString());
When Editor Part where UIs are being designed is selected, this line is thrown on Console view:

L'objet retourné par l'adaptateur est :org.eclipse.ve.internal.cde.core.EditDomain@14e22 66

my question is what does @14e2266 means? is it the address of the object returned by the Editor Part??

If yes, how retrieve this object?

Thanks for help.