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    Default Message NoClassDefFoundError

    Hi all,

    I am a beginer developper with eclipse. I am traying to customize Visual Editor for eclipse. I want to take advantage of VE.

    I work in eclipse 3.2 in witch I have already installed VE and the required packages witch are EMF and GEF.

    I have developped a simple plugin including a view.
    I have added some listeners namely IPartSelectionListener and ISelectionListener.
    In the partlistener, I have wrote this code lines:

    private IPartListener partListener = new IPartListener(){
    public void partActivated(IWorkbenchPart part){
    IPropertySheetPage page = null;
    BeansList beanslist = null;
    System.out.println("le listener de selection de PARTS vient d'être appele");
    if(part.getSite().getId().equals("") ){
    Object o= part.getAdapter(IPropertySheetPage.class);
    page = (IPropertySheetPage) o;
    System.out.println("L'objet retourné par l'adaptateur est :"+page.toString());
    System.out.println("la classe du part est:"+" "+part.getSite().getClass().toString());

    public void partBroughtToTop(IWorkbenchPart part){}
    public void partClosed(IWorkbenchPart part){}
    public void partDeactivated(IWorkbenchPart part){}
    public void partOpened(IWorkbenchPart part){}

    Behind this listener I want to cach the VE editor part Property sheet page to use it.

    I could launch the plugin within the eclipse platform as an eclipse Application. My view is added to the workbench.
    The problem appears during the interaction with the workbench, most exactly when I select the VE editor part where my UI are being designed.
    Actually, an error dialog is thrown when I click on the VE Editor Part. It's written the following message: An error has occurred. see log error for more details.
    in the error log, I find that it's du to the NoClassDefFoundError error java 70.
    is this error caused by non configured target environment, spacially the classpath of this last??? I have tried to do it but my afforts were -and still are- fruitless.

    Would you like kindly help me resolving this issue.

    best regards


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    I have resolved the problem. I have put the package that contains the class that causes the error in imported packages on Dependencies tab of plugin.xml.

    this update automatically the runtime classpath.

    Best regards.

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