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    Default Can Eclipse configure a WAS6.1 server

    I have used RAD6 and was able to define and administer WAS servers. I now am using Eclipse 3.4.1 and have installed WAS6.1 patch 19 and would like to be able to define, deploy to, debug and administer the server in Eclipse like you can do in RAD6. Is this possible and how. I haven't been able to find any meaningful hits on Google. When I choose IBM WebSphere v6.0 in Eclipse as I try to add a Server Runtine Environment I get "Missing classpath entry \your_server_root\was-6.0\properties" but it doesn't explain or hint how to resolve the error. Anyone got any ideas - I'd love to hear from you.
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    Even I am facing the same issue.. can anybody help on this...
    thanks in adv,

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