Hi, i am having trouble with the following: I have a toc file for my plugin´s help. When i run my plugin i can visualize the help correctly, but when i export my plugin the help does not appear in the help contents. This is what i do:

I use the org.eclipse.toc extension, I add a toc file setted as primary and an index with the path "index/".

Then i edit my toc file adding some contents with links to html files located in a directory called "help/". After that i make an ant file called "build.xml" with the following code:

Java Code:
<project name="PluginProyect" default="build.index" basedir=".">
    <target name="build.index" if="eclipse.running">
    <help.buildHelpIndex manifest="${basedir}/plugin.xml" destination="${basedir}"/>
When i run the ant code the following files appear in my index/ folder:


By the way, i run the ant script using the same JRE as the workspace. If i run the plugin at this point (even before running the ant script), my help appears in the help contents, but if i export the pluggin it doesn´t (i include in the export both index/ and help/ folders).
Somebody knows what i am doing wrong?