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    Default How do i display foreign languages in the IDE console panel ?

    I'm working in a Windows XP environment, i have the v3.4 Eclipse Platform, i'm using JAVA to interact to a SQL DB that has foreign language data in it.

    I have successfully been able to get the data back and display it in the GUI correctly but I also System.print the retrieved SQL data into the IDE Console panel.

    Nothing but question marks appear where i'm expecting to see the foreign language text. I'm using a simple "System.out.println("Rtrvd text :" + strSQLData);". The strSQLData is the same variable i'm using to display the text properly in the GUI text fields.

    Do i need a special format for foreign languages for the System.out.println statement ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    That sounds like a code page issue in the console. It *may be* the font you are using doesn't support the characters.

    I suggest checking out the Deja Vu font set. It is open source, and the project's goal is to support as much of the Unicode character set as possible. In addition, IMHO, it is a very nice font; I especially like the monospace for text editing. Using that font set *might* solve the problem.

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