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    Default Error when importing a web reference


    I am trying to import a web reference into my project but the following error is been displayed when I right click my project and select import Web Reference (Trying to add a wsdl file).

    The selected wizard could not be started(Time of error:Jan 6,2009,9.46.46 AM PST)

    Plug-in "org.apache.axis.wsdl2java.eclipse"was unable to instantiate class "org.apache.axis.wsdl2java.eclipse.wizards.WebRefe renceImportWizard"

    I downloaded and extracted the and plugins in the eclipse\plugins\ directory.

    After extracting the plugins I restarted Eclipse and tried to import the web reference but the above error popped up.:(

    I edited the class path by following the below steps:

    Go to Windows\Preferences\ java\ classpath variables and create a New... variable with the name


    Browse to the folder

    ..Program Files/eclipse/plugins/org.apache.axis_1.1

    After setting this global variable we are going to add classpath values to the current work project.

    Right click on your project and go to properties.Go to the Java Build Path and select the Libraries tab.

    Add Variable and select the ORG_APACHE_AXIS what we just created. Press Extend.
    For the extension we select all the jar files:

    axis.jar, axis-ant.jar, commons-discovery.jar, commons-logging.jar, jaxrpc.jar saaj.jar, wsdl4j.jar

    press OK

    I restarted the IDE and still the same error was popping up.

    Can anyone help me out with this?Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Has you found a solution to the problem? I have the same and I'm desperate!!!


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