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    Default Edit Source Lookup Path

    Hi everyone,

    I'm using Eclipse IDE and I have the following problem:
    During the debug procedure I get the message "Source not found - Edit Source Lookup Path". How should I deal with it?

    This problem is only appearring during the debug process.

    Thanks for your help! :))

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    I'm using Eclipse 3.3 + Sysdeo 3.2.1 + tomcat web app (On failing to start Tomcat in debug mode using Sysdeo plugin), i followed these steps

    1. Window -> Preferences -> Tomcat -> JVM Settings, check the option 'Don't run Tomcat in debug mode' and start tomcat with some breakpoints (you would observe it won't break at break points)

    2. Uncheck the same above option 'Don't run Tomcat in debug mode' and Restart tomcat. I observed the debug breakpoint works fine as expected. (It seems strange, but worked for cat try it out as brute force)


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