Hello everybody,
I've been looking for frameworks to develop a desktop application and I discovered Eclipse RCP (I've heard about Eclipse before, but I've mostly used netbeans). This is the thing, according to what I've read, Eclipse RCP is used to develop plug-ins for Eclipse but also, if I'm not wrong, it works for all kinds of java applications??. I mean, if I read a manual or tutorial which is about developing an Eclipse plug-in, that also applies if I want to use RCP for a regular java application with windows and everything?. If that's the case, I should use the eclipse version for plug-in/RCP development, but then, what's the reason of all the others types of downloads that are for java applications if, in the end, everything is a plug-in?
As you can see, I'm kind of confused. What happens is that i've mostly used netbeans for my projects, but I'm really eager to try Eclipse and learn new things.
I really hope you can help me and thanks for all your comments, in advance.