Has anyone else had the problem where their Eclipse imports extend past the 80 character mark (packages too)? It seems easy enough to fix (add a newline character) but every time you organize your imports the problem will come back.

Honestly normally I wouldn't even care about the import length except that I am using the checkstyle (checkstyle.sourceforge.net) plugin which will complain if *any* line is greater than 80 characters. I know it is possible to modify the checkstyle plugin to ignore certain issues but I have been strongly encouraged to use the most strict checkstyle plugin setting as is for the sake of consistency.

So... If anyone out there has found a satisfactory solution to this problem I would very much appreciate their insight. For the curious the Eclipse formatter doesn't seem to touch the imports at all. Alternatively if there are others that believe this is a bug in the eclipse platform (I am using Eclipse 3.4) please let me know and I'll consider raising an issue.