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    Default Generate UML2 from source

    Have source code. Need class diagram.

    Is it possible to generate something that can be edited in the UML2Tools editor? And can be easily updated from changes in the code?

    I've tried dozens of 3rd party Eclipse UML plugins, and every single one is either crappy, broken, unstable or rediculously overprized.

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    Default Have you got any Eclipse plugin to do reverse engg of getting UML diagrams from Java


    Have you got any eclipse plugin to do the reverse engineering of generating UML diagrams from Java source code? Anybody else having idea about this, please give me the right location for this. Through website search, I could not get a proper plugin even though 100s are listed.:o

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    Default Re: Generate UML2 from source

    I don't want to start a new thread, so I use this one: Does anyone know a good and reliable plugin or program. Like Flipper, I tested several ones with the same results :-( Any recommendation is greatly appreciated!

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