Hey I'm having trouble getting my head around the idea of listeners and how to refresh a view when an action within a separate view is called. Right now I have a navigation view that looks like this
Java Code:
   -Some asset
    - Location
This NavigationView is created on startup from a createDummyView method. I have 4 actions (NewServer, NewAsset, NewDeployment, NewBuild). File--New--Server activates the NewServerView to the right of NavigationView. I have a form to enter the name of the new server and once the enter button is clicked it's supposed to create a new server, attach it to the group Server, and refresh the NavigationView window. I know the Server constructor is called when the button is activated but I have no real idea how to refresh the NavigationView window to display it. I'd be happy to attach some more code or email you the entire project if anyone can help.