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    Default [Solved] Eclipse launching Visual Basic

    I've got a bit of problem with the Eclipse IDE, it's started to open files in Visual Basic instead of in its own standard editor.

    Yesterday I first tried out Eclipse, and really liked it, compared to JCreator, which we have at scool.
    nyways, I found no place to create an "Applet project", i.e. with a default HTML file to launch the compiled applet class file, so I guessed that was what the "Web developing" package at was.
    So I gave it a try and downloaded it, extracted it in Program Files, assuming that the previous files in the folder with the same name would be replaced (as I told it to do so). But when I the ran Eclipse, I could neither create any "applet project", nor open any regular java source file from the Project Explorer.
    Trying to do so resulted in it opening up in Visual Basic, and the same goes for when I tried to open it from the list of TODOs.

    From there, I tried removing the whole Eclipse folder and extracting a new plain one, but still no success.

    Any idea what the problem is? Thanks in advance!
    /FireFly, new to Java.

    EDIT: Nvm, solved the problem by removing the .metadata folder in my workbench folder (I didn't have any important code there anyways). Now it works like a charm again!
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    Sounds like a) your OS has associated certain file extensions with the VB IDE, and b) Eclipse is using the "system editor" to open those same files. Right-click on one, and use "Open with" then choose the correct editor. If that doesn't stick, there's an option under Windows->Preferences in Eclipse, I can't remember exactly where but it won't take too much trial and error to find out. Or open Eclipse help up and type in "file associations"

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