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    Angry RCP with client EJB JAR


    I'm trying to do an Eclipse RCP application where I have two plugins and a RPC application. The first plugin is a plugin from existing JAR archives and I've added the JARs needed for any client using GlassFish here. The second plugin, that depends on the first, has a service locator in it used to retrieve remote EJBs from the GlassFish server. The context seems to be generated ok but no matter where I put my remote interfaces (the same plugin directly, the same plugin as JAR, another plugin from existing JAR archives, etc...) I get this error "javax.naming.NamingException: ejb ref resolution error for remote business interface... Root exception is java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:...". I think that this is related to the Eclipse framework.. the way loading the classes probably...

    So I've ran out of ideas. Could someone help me on this? Where should I put the EJB remote interfaces classes to get this to work ?

    Thank you,
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