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    Default Error Occurred Executing Command Line Solution

    Hi, I am trying to execute a simple class and i am getting this "Error Occurred Executing Command Line" error. It does not show any Details for the error. I have set the the java path in Window->Preferences in the Installed JREs tab. This problem occurs in only 1 of my projects.
    It does not happen if i create a new project from scratch. I cannot do without my current project which is giving this error:(. Thanks for any help.

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    Hello Rahul,
    If i am not wrong i think you are using Eclipse isnt it? Plz do mention it.

    And coming to your problem i think you have added some invalid command line arguments for one of the class which is not allowing you to run the program of that project and is allowing you a new project run perfectly as it doesnt have any arguments.
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