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Thread: Strange problem

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    Question Strange problem

    I am using eclipse IDE. This piece of code is giving me some strange behavior. The problem that i am facing is as follows

    InsuredOrPrincipalInfoType insuredOrPrinInfoType =
    currInsuredOrPrincipal.getInsuredOrPrincipalInfo() ;
    if(insuredOrPrinInfoType.getMembershipInd() != null)

    When I do inspect on insuredOrPrinInfoType variable I see the following , watch the MembershipInd

    <x/:MembershipTypeCd>AARP</x/:MembershipTypeCd> <x/:MembershipInd>1</x/:MembershipInd> <x/:MembershipNumber>022835573</x/:MembershipNumber>

    And when I do an inspect on insuredOrPrinInfoType.getMembershipInd() it says null. When the previous inspect did show me this value is not null.

    Do you know what could be the possible reason ?


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    The problem was with my namespaces this is fixed now . Thanks

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