I have a question about using CVS inside Eclipse for files outside the workspace folder.

Here is my setup: I have a workspace folder in my home directory, and I have a project inside that workspace that points to files that live outside of the workspace folder (I did that by doing the 'New > Folder > Advanced > Link to folder in the file system' option). I need to do this because I want to work on my files directly on my web server so all I have to do is hit save and go to a browser and test instead of moving files around.

So I already use CVS for these files and folders that I have linked to this project. Is there a way to still use the CVS inside Eclipse for them? I've only been able to figure out how use CVS on files if they are under my workspace folder.

Short of doing some fancy mounting trickery, do I have any options here?

Thanks in advance for any brilliant wisdom that may come my way.