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    Default How to Export and import projects in Eclipse?

    In this tutorial, we illustrate how can we export and import Eclipse projects. With export and import of the project allows it becomes easier to share projects with other people and to use existing projects.

    Exporting projects
    To export Eclipse projects, select File → Export → General → Archive File and select the projects you want to export.

    How to Export and import projects in Eclipse?-export.jpg
    Figure: To select the project for export

    How to Export and import projects in Eclipse?-export-1.jpg
    Figure: Exporting the Eclipse project

    Importing projects
    To import projects, select File → Import → Existing Projects into Workspace. You can import from an archive file, i.e. zip file or directly import the projects in case you have extracted the zip file.

    How to Export and import projects in Eclipse?-export.jpg-2.jpg
    Figure: Importing project to Eclipse

    How to Export and import projects in Eclipse?-export-3.jpg
    Figure: Select the directory for Import
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