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    Default How Eclipse IDE uses Perspective?

    In this tutorial, we show how Perspective can be used in Eclipse IDE.A Perspective is a visual container for a set of Parts and Eclipse IDE uses Perspectives to arrange Parts and configure the menu and the toolbar for different development tasks

    To choose Perspectives in Eclipse IDE, Select the Window → Open Perspective.

    How Eclipse IDE uses Perspective?-2a.jpg
    Figure: To Select the Perspective

    The main perspectives used in the Eclipse IDE are the Java perspective for Java development and the Debug perspective for debugging Java applications. The layout and content within a Perspective can be changed by opening or closing Parts and by re-arranging them.

    To open a new Part in the current Perspective use the Window → Show View → Other menu entry. The following Show View dialog allows you to search for certain Parts.

    How Eclipse IDE uses Perspective?-2b.jpg
    Figure: Show View Dialog

    To reset current perspective to its default, select Window → Reset Perspective menu entry.

    To save Perspective , save it using Window → Save Perspective As.... option.

    How Eclipse IDE uses Perspective?-2c.jpg

    Figure: To save perspective
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