Forgive my english.

I've problem with WMADemo on my device, everytime i tried send mms from midlet (MMSSend) it always went to default inbox

my device is Nokia expressmusic 5220, cldc 1.1 and midp 2.1 capable

i've compile wmaDemo using netbeans 7.0.1, WTK 2.5.2 on fedora 11 x64, jdk 1.7 64bit

On the emulator everything works fine, but when I tried on the device, MMSSend always send mms to default inbox. SMSSend and SMSReceive worked fine (i.e send and activate SMSReceive on receiving). fyi, i just using 1 device: i'm sending and receiving (to and from) the same number, sending ordinary MMS worked fine. And i didnt change anything in the WMADemo.

1. Is there any possibility that the AMS didnt manage the incoming MMS with port as predefined in the WMA manifest/jad? (whether push-registry is set or not in the jad/manifest)
2. is there any possibility i have to set the device so AMS can manage incoming MMS properly?
3. Can anybody confirm that using WMADemo MMS example working as it should be on real device, and what the device you use?

Note: I've posted the same question on netbeans forum, somehow if i break some rule i apologize