Hi to all,
Hope you all will be fine. I have to read a large .txt file in my project. In fact i have read the file but the file is so large that when i click on OK command to read the fie, the emulator stuck for a long time and then the content is shown. I think pagination is the option so i can read the file page wise instead of reading the whole file at once. The file is a simple text file with Unicode in it. So can any one tell me how can i do pagination in java ME? or is there any other option to read a large file. I know threading is another option. But i have to read about 114 files in my project. Not all files are so large but many of them have large sizes. So initiate background thread for each file is also not good option.
So please kindly guide me how can i do pagination or is there any other option available for this scenario. Please help
Thank you.