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    Default Midlet to call a j2me java class

    Am trying to develop an application to dispaly a form containing textfields. Lets call this java class A. First, I have a welcome midlet (call it midlet B) that I will call java class A and the textfields appear on the emulator screen. How is this possible? If midlets can call one another, then will be easy. I would just make A a midlet then I call its startup method in B.

    I have tried push registry after some blog but I have no idea of its working and given-up.

    I welcome anyone with suggestions or a sample code.


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    Hi, Kakinyim,

    I have got a suggestion for far as I understood reading your problem, I think that your midlet B doesn't do anything important other than showing a welcome screen..and you want to show and then do th actual vital work with textfields and stuffs by calling midlet A. If I have understood this correctly, so why don't you integrate these two things in a single midlet? The welcome screen will show up with the start of the midlet (in a form in the midlet) and after some CommandAction or some interval of time (using Thread.sleep() method), you will create another form (say form2) that you want to show (the contents of class A) using display.setCurrent(form2). So it'll replace the welcome page form and will show the current form, without going into the hurdles of midlet switching...and this is how things should work!...

    So try this and come back..

    Good luck :)

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