Hi guys,

I am having problem sending printing to a portable bluetooth printer.
It always print out additional junk characters in front of the content.


KHello World

**It should be display "Hello World" only. A random characters will be display in front of the content, for

this case is the letter "K". I google and search many forums but found nothing that can help me solve this

problem. I know WriteUTF() will add 2 bytes in front to my string. FYI. I previously use WriteChars() to print

english words but now need to use WriteUTF to print the Chinese words. Is there anyway to fix this? Any help

will be appreciated.

My Coding:

String url = "btspp://00099BC9BC98:1;authenticate=false;encrypt=false;ma ster=false";
StreamConnection con = (StreamConnection) Connector.open( url );
DataOutputStream out = con.openDataOutputStream();

retStr = "Hello World"; //This is a message with english and chinese characters

out.write(0x0A); //print & line feed