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    Default can store image&text in rms seperately but NOT together :(

    The zip file has 3 files.
    TextOnly shows the code to storing textfields like name age number and so on
    ImageOnly shows the code to storing images. I'm using netbeans
    Midlet is an attempt to store both types in the same RMS.

    When you run Midlet, it'll create a recordstore and insert 3 records. Each record is composed of several strings and the locaiton of a picture ie /pic.JPG which I've added to the resources folder. I'm using netbeans. After the recordstore is created, the names of every record (composed of first and last names) appear in a list on the screen. I simply choose one of the names then click MENU then OPEN and it will take me to a new form where I can view that person's picture.

    I can't get it to work. I attempted combining both TxtOnly and ImageOnly but failed. I just don't see where it's going out.

    Thanx in advance.
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    I'm sorry for mix up. I had posted a different version of the midlets I created. Yes, after adding some images, RMSMidlet works. It shows the pics and everything.

    Like I said in my first post, images only works and txt only works. But when I try to store the image and the txtfields in the same RMS i fail.

    As for crossposting, I just came across a topic in a diff forum that told its user not to crosspst. Seeing as I don't know why it's wrong I'll just say sorry :D
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