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    Question Image Processing in J2ME

    Hello there,
    Well I am stuck at this very hard point and cant find any solution to it, please urgent help is required.
    Well I got this code from Sony Ericsson website for accessing the onboard cam of Z1010, the link to the site is :

    Taking Snapshots with Z1010

    Well I want to take this image, and apply Sobel Filter on it. how ?!? I dont know, I need your help, please help me out with this ... I shall be extremely grateful and also i need to ask one more thing, normally Sobel filter is applied on PGM files, is there a way to convert the obtained image into PGM before processing it, please please please help me out !!

    Mubin Khan:confused:

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    I am not experienced on image processing in Java ME. But in Java SE, you normally read the image and when you read an image it is kept as an internal representation called BufferedImage. And this Buffered image has a data structure called Raster which is mainly an array of pixels. And in Java SE you access these pixels by passing x and y coordinates of the image. So this makes image processing transparent to image formats in Java.

    I dont know the API you are using for Java ME but if it supports you to have a BufferedImage then you can apply any image processing algorithm on it since what these algorithms generally requires is a way to access pixels and write new values to them.

    Check the tip below which shows you how to process an image in this way:

    Java Tips - How to get average of a set of images

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