I would like to read and write "external" files in a midlet. I mean, I want to be able to create a text file on a PC, transfer it to the phone, and read it (and vice versa).

I know there is JSR-75. I even found an example:
Java Tips - How to Access Local File Systems from J2ME devices using FileConnection API

It works on Netbeans, but it doesn't work in my phone. The midlet just present a white form and doesn't do anything.

I think the problem is with permissions. The example includes the following "In order to overcome security issues MIDlet needs to include requested file permission in its JAD file under MIDLet-Permission property."

I know how to edit the JAD file in Netbeans. My question is what is the value given to the property? Is there any other way to give permissions to the midlet in order to read and write files?