Hi all :)
this is my first post, sorry for my bad english, i will try to explain what my problem is:

I write a simple bluetooth test application (server and client) use the JSR-82 implementation, BlueCove. And all works well.

Now i try to write, the same code, a client bluetooth with j2me for my mobile (a LG mobile dont remember model)...i install the plugin for netbeans and wireless toolkit, create new project with my test midlet and bluetooth and all compile..no library required (???)...i run my midlet, i see the print out that start correctly inquiry of bluetooth but no device was found...that is strange because i have a second computer with bluetooth on...and with my test bluecove application (no midlet) i discover all correctly...

If i try to install my compiled jar(and jad) in my phone, i got "no class def found error" my mobile not specify what class is not found...but i think are missed all class in pakage:


plz i try to break my head in this problem...how i install a correct application whit bluetooth in a phone? I think that i start a wrong type of project in netbeans, beacuse the midlet in emulator run (the bluetooth debug print sow that no found a device...and this is strange, because one device is on) and in my jar midlet application no class of bluetooh (JSR82) i see...and my phone say "no class def fond error"...i can't undestand what is my mistake :confused:

very very thanks for help :)