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    Default Display image from filesystem

    I seem to have a problem displaying an image from the phone's filesystem.

    The following code works for images that are in the res folder but not if the path references to a file on the filesystem ..

    path = "file:///C:/Data/Images/200908/25082009004.jpg";
    try {
    image = Image.createImage(path);
    } catch (IOException e) {
    imageItem = new ImageItem(null,image,ImageItem.LAYOUT_CENTER,"Imag e not found");

    Do I need to use an inputStream ?
    If so, how ?

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    You need the (optional) JSR-75: the FileConnection API. Note that this API is available on only a few high-end devices.


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    I actually AM using the FileConnection API (ok apparently I can't post the link to the site where I got the code because I don't have enough posts .. I'm gonna try to do it anyway by stripping some stuff, add .html after :

    The thing is, if I'm in the else of the displayCurrentRoot function, that checkes whether the element of the file list is a folder or an item (jpg), I want it to display my image.

    Normally it would just display the item's name with the currentDir variable like so :


    Now I tried :

    Image img = Image.createImage(currentDir);

    which didn't work, so I tried the entire path :

    String path = currentRoot.getURL() + currentDir;
    Image img = Image.createImage(path);

    Your help is appreciated !

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