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    Thumbs down destroyApp(boolean unconditional) method

    why is there a paremeter (boolean unconditional) in destroyApp method?

    While startApp() or pauseApp() method is not

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    The concept is that: The MIDlet can request that it not enter the Destroyed state by throwing an MIDletStateChangeException. This is only a valid response if the unconditional flag is set to false. If it is true the MIDlet is assumed to be in the Destroyed state regardless of how this method terminates. If it is not an unconditional request, the MIDlet can signify that it wishes to stay in its current state by throwing the MIDletStateChangeException. This request may be honored and the destroy() method called again at a later time.

    So you can divert the flow if you don't want to destroy your MIDlet right now. Read MIdlet API.

    Abhijeet Namdeo

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