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    Question Receiving Message in J2ME

    Hello everyone,

    I have a question and I hope that somebody help me..

    I want to build an application for mobile that when a text message is received from a specific number this statement is executed ( display.getDisplay(this).vibrate(800) )..

    I found many tutorials that related to receiving a message and they talk about something called "sms port" ..

    Can somebody help me in understanding that ..

    please I need help ..

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    You can't process SMS sent to your cellphone unless it was sent by some application, because you can only process SMS sent to a specific port number (defined by you and/or the sender).

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    sms is a protocol in mobile phones.

    when you send any sms to make connection you need to write
    for example :: sms://:123456789:5353

    port number is very important because every MIDlet has a listener at push registry when you want your sms to process automatically it must be received at specific port number.

    When you receive normal sms onto your mobile phone default port number is 0 for your normal inbox.

    For more information you can read Mobile Compting by Asoke Talukdar
    I hope this will solve your problem
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