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Thread: HTTP or RTSP

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    Default HTTP or RTSP

    Hello, I'm writing a program that playbacks audio and video files from a server but i have read about RTSP as probably the most popular streaming protocol but it turns out that I can stream files and play them through HTTP protocol by getting an input stream and returning some bytes then turning them using ArrayInputStream and play them .But that doesn't allow me to pause, resume, or seek the file(or so i think) but in the RTSP rfc there are some standard methods that allow me to do these things.Interestingly enough, when i checked youtube I found that I uses HTTP and yet allows me to seek, pause, and resumes audio and video files .How is this possible ? I know that there are things involved in the process( flash player and plug-ins) and I also know that there is a framework where the user sends a request to an http server and that server redirect the request to an internal RTSP server and the responses are returned by the HTTP server? Please someone sheds some light on this subject .I know it is a rather complex issue that involves much background knowledge but even small clues can help .
    And How do i know what type of protcol i'm using since the Manger class abstract that information from the user?

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    hi islamfunny,

    im also developing a streaming player, in initial stage only, not able to achieve streaming still, could u help me out in developing the streaming player...

    thanks in advance

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