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    Default How to send sms to mobile from tomcatserver

    hi friends

    i have developed an application for bank accounts. Its a web
    application and my server is Tomcat 5.0. my requirement is that user
    could sms (from their mobile) to my application. In the SMS they will
    provide their account no and in response my application will send a
    to their cell phone giving them their current balance.

    and iam using now sms as a gateway and we configured it.. and i
    connected my mobile as amodem to Pc

    Now im very new to this mobile technology. im confused that whether i
    have to use J2ME or JMS or what. And what other things i require.
    The Mobile and application has to do nothin with each other(means they
    r not connected in any way).
    So i think i need services from a Service Provider. But from
    technology pt of view what i'll use??


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    Ask your gateway provider for their API specs. And if they don't have a reception service, than get a different gateway provider (as I have already told you on DaniWeb, and here in the Servlet Forum).

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